Since 2019

Expert Workmen ∙ Best Materials Used ∙ Prompt Service.

In 1920, Mr. H.D. Short opened his doors and welcomed his first customer.

For almost 50 years, Short’s Shoe Shine sent many shoes out onto South Clinton Street (Downtown Iowa City) buffed to a high mirror shine. Today, by the graces of the Short and Belle family, we aim to introduce a new sort of shine, while borrowing an old Short’s motto:

Expert Workmen ∙ Best Materials Used ∙ Prompt Service.

We feature fresh, never frozen beef from local farmer Ed Smith of Columbus Junction. Our fries are hand-cut daily, seasoned to perfection and make the perfect accompaniment to any of our gourmet burgers, chicken sandwiches, homemade black bean burgers or craft beer battered tenderloin. At the bar, all 16 of our draft lines are dedicated to the finest Iowa Craft beers and cider. We also feature signature cocktails with our Short’s Whiskey, distilled from Bourbon Mash, Aged with Iowa Burr Oak staves. Created for Short’s Burger & Shine, this whiskey is true to the restaurant’s practice of using only locally sourced ingredients.

Stop by and taste these great Iowa Creations.